Snake River Chiropractic Idaho Falls Frequently Asked Questions

1) I just have a question about my condition. Can I speak with the doctor?
Yes. Doctor Price would be pleased to talk to you. Please call 208-528-4228. If Dr. Price isn't available at the moment you call, he will return your call ASAP.

2) Do you accept insurance?
We will accept most insurance plans including but not limited to Blue Cross, Humana, Aetna, Cigna, IPN, Medicare, and Medicaid .

3) What conditions do you treat?
Neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, and many other musculoskeletal problems

4) Do you offer a Nutrition program?

5) Do you treat Workers Compensation injuries?

6) Do you treat personal injury; automobile accident patients?

7) Will you accept a letter of protection (LOP) from my lawyer for my treatment?
Yes, in most cases.

8) What are your hours?
Click here to see our office hours

9) Do you accept emergency visits?
We accept most emergencies during regular working hours on a cash basis only.

10) Do you refer to other physicians?
Yes, if it is determined that your health condition is outside of Doctor Price's scope of practice or anytime that he feels that your condition would benefit from outside help, then a referral is recommended.

11) Do you offer a family plan?

12) What treatment techinques do you perform?
Yes. Click Here for a list of our treatment techiques.

13) Do you treat sciatia?

14) Do you treat TMJ Disorder?

15) Do you treat migraines?

16) Do you treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

17) Do you treat Scolosis?

18) Do you treat Sinus problems?

19) Do adjustments hurt?
Adjustments should be relaxing and comfortable for patients.

20) Do I have to go for the rest of my life?
I heard once you get adjusted you're hooked.

No, The reason most people talk about getting hooked on chiropractic is because it feels so good and the results can be so profound. However, once you've achieved correction of your problem , active care is no longer necessary but just like maintaining your automobile, it makes good sense to maintain your good health over time.

21) I don't like to be popped. Is there another way to get adjusted?
Yes, Not all chiropractic techniques produce popping. We use a wide variety of techniques to accomplish the same end result while accomidating patient comfort.

22) Do you accept referrals?
Yes, we are passionate about helping and informing as many people as possible so they can enjoy the incredible benefits of chiropractic health care.

23) I don't have insurance. How can I afford your care?
We desire that everybody can experience and enjoy the wonderful benefit of chiropractic care. We offer affordable payment plans compatible with almost any family or income.

24) How long have you been a chiropractor?
3 years.

25) What is your experience?
Gonstead, Logan Basic, Palmer package, Diversified, SOT

26) Do you accept debit or credit cards?
Yes, we accept credit cards, debit cards, cash, and personal checks

27) Do you offer speaking engagements; health talks?
Yes, I would be pleased to speak to your group, business or church on chiropractic and nutrition. Please call our office at 208-528.4228.

28) I have a large deductible, can I pay it out?
Yes, Call us at 208-528-4228 for a payment plan comfortable for you.

29) How long will my first visit last?
60 minutes in most cases.

30) Do you take x-rays at your office?

31) You're not on my insurance plan, will you still accept it?
In most cases, yes. Call us today at 208-528-4228 and we will be happy to verify your benefits for you.